Welcome! Think of PharrisArt.com as a combination store and online gallery. It is a site with its own online store and one that provides pathways to a variety of illustrations, photography, and graphic designs on merchandise ranging from t-shirts to magnets to mugs to traditional canvas, fine art prints, and posters. Most artwork is my own, but in the Marketplace section I include products by other talented artists and merchandisers. Popular focus areas for designs and merchandise include: faith, diversity, humor, portraits, social justice, and sports.

The site is divided into three parts: Fine Art Print & Merch Shop, Pharris Art Store and the The Marketplace. Each section has its own separate shopping cart and checkout process. For the first two, you won’t leave this site to shop or make a purchase. However, keep in mind that any items you add to your cart from the Fine Art section will be in its own cart; and any products you add from the Pharris Art Store will be in a second cart. To access the fine art cart, just go to any of the pages in that section and click on the cart. You’ll see the checkout button, as well. The same goes for the Pharris Art Store. You can rest assured that each checkout process is secure.

Think of the Marketplace as an online catalog. It provides images, pricing, and description about products. When you click on a product image you’ll be taken to a separate online marketplace hosted by Zazzle, a popular print-on-demand site. From there you can securely purchase the item or customize it first, if that is an option. The window to the page you were on at PharrisArt.com will remain open so that you can continue browsing here.