Welcome! PharrisArt.com is an online showcase, offering pathways to a variety of illustrations, photography, and graphic designs on merchandise ranging from t-shirts to magnets to mugs to traditional canvas, fine art prints, and posters by Pharris Art and other artists. Popular focus areas for designs and merchandise include: diversity, faith, humor, portraits, social justice, and sports. Pharris Art designs are sold privately and featured online on this and other online gallery sites.

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Browsing on this site, you'll see plenty of product images--either those I created or those created by other talented artists or merchandisers. When you click on a product image you'll be taken to an online store or gallery hosted by a print on demand site. From there you can securely purchase the item or customize it first, if that is an option. The window to the page you were on at PharrisArt.com will remain open so that you can continue browsing.

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